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About Handcrafted

Founded in 2021, we make artisan handcrafted confections through sustainable means in small batches. Our chocolates are produced using ethically sourced chocolate combined with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Our goal is to always provide the best, highest quality chocolates and confections to enhance people's lives through unforgettable flavor experiences.

Each of our handcrafted creations is guaranteed to please every palate!

About Lauren

Lauren Klein is the founder of Handcrafted Chocolate, located in Central New Jersey. She is known for her hand-painted chocolates, luscious fillings and creative flavor offerings. 

Lauren founded Handcrafted Chocolate in 2021, culminating her passions for hospitality and creating sweet endings. In addition to her bachelors degree in Baking & Pastry Arts & Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University, Lauren has over 10 years of experience in food service.  

She began cooking with her grandmother at a young age, and fell in love with it. Lauren attended a high school culinary program that completely changed her perspective on baking. Her passion for pastry was clear- She earned an internship at Jean Georges restaurant in NYC under renowned pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini during the summer of 2010.

In the last Seven years since graduation, Lauren worked in some of NYC’s top restaurants honing her skills.  She worked with notable chefs in the kitchens of USHG and B&B hospitality. Recently, she was working as the Executive Pastry Chef at the St Laurent Social Club/ Heirloom Kitchen in Asbury Park, NJ. These experiences have to help her create one-of-a-kind, ethically sourced bon bons for your enjoyment! 

When she isn't in the kitchen, you can find her adventuring, smoking joints on the beach and indulging in all the good things life has to offer! To connect with Lauren, follow her @handcraftedchocolate on Instagram and Facebook!