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Salted Caramel

Silky caramel with a heafty pinch of Fleur de Sel. contains: dairy

Cookies & Creme

White chocolate ganache mixed with chocolate sandwich cookies. contains: dairy & gluten

Speculoos Cookie

White chocolate ganache mixed with speculoos cookies layered with speculoos crunchy cookie butter. contains: dairy & gluten

Lavender Honey

White chocolate ganache infused with Lavendar grown in Long Island (by Lavender by the Bay) and local wild flower honey. Contains: dairy

Chocolate Bourbon Cream Pie

Tahitian vanilla marshmallow layered with Four roses bourbon dark chocolate ganache and a chocolate cookie crunch layer. contains: dairy, gluten & alcohol


Creamy hazelnut ganache made with Valrohna expressions hazelnut milk chocolate and a splash of Frangelico. contains: dairy & alcohol


White chocolate ganache blended with Ippudo Tea ceremonial grade japanese matcha. contains: dairy

Vietnamese Coffee

White chocolate ganache blended with a velvety smooth vietnamese coffee blend. contains: dairy

Lemon Rosemary

White chocolate ganache infused with house grown rosemary and lemon zest. contains: dairy

Passionfruit & Black Sesame

homemade black sesame paste & white chocolate ganache layered with passion fruit jelly. contains: dairy

Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon caramel layered ontop of a dark chocolate, brown butter & toasted brioche ganache. contains: dairy & gluten

Strawberry Lemonade

Local strawerry jelly ontop of lemon scented white chocolate ganache. contains: dairy